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We exist to help our clients win, keep and grow their best customers in the digital economy.

We provide growth solutions and expert services that open up new business opportunities across the entire customer journey.

Our global network delivers solutions for every area of your customer life-cycle:

So, How Well Do You Know Your Consumer?

True identity

We are obsessed with people. Our relentless focus has always been to be the one network that has the highest fidelity data. True Identity is our clients competitive advantage.

We started the network with data and the acquisition of Aegis, a people-first media and digital experience company. We doubled down on this with our acquisition of Merkle, which Forrester recently named the top wave leader in customer data and engagement.

Brands don’t really know their consumers as real people. Proxies like cookies and panels are not real people. Our M1 platform is the industry’s only people-based ID mapped to over 242 million unique individuals in the U.S.

M1 Creates Competitive Advantage For Clients In The Scale Of Data And Networks.

M1 is Dentsu Aegis Network’s 100% people-based insights, planning, activation, and measurement platform. M1 capitalizes on increasing the scale of addressable audience opportunities and the industry-wide desire for better creativity and accountability of marketing and media, driving transformational value for clients in the following ways:

The only agency network to have its own PII database of nearly every 18+ person in the US.

A PII "safe-haven" for secure client first party CRM data ingestion and use for segmentation and targeting.

Over 10,000 consumer data attributes to understand, segment, develop rich insights, and reach people.

Publisher addressable marketplacesTM, where 225 million unique U.S. consumers can be reached at 1/1 level.

Addressable media connections including DMP's/DSP's, social, search, addressable TV, and more.

To Dentsu's credit, they are serious about winning this [data] race and you don't win on rented skis. They just bought a pretty great pair of skis.

Expert Marketing Services


  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • People Data Science
  • Consumer Insights
  • User Journey


  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Platforms
  • UX / Interface Design
  • Social Engagement
  • Mixed Reality


  • Content Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Omnichannel Distribution
  • Real-time Optimization


  • SEM & SEO
  • Linear Media
  • Programmatic Display
  • Paid Social
  • Media Analytics


  • Responsive Websites
  • Bespoke Apps
  • Microsites / Blogs
  • Mobile
  • IoT / Wearables


  • Platform Implementation
  • Omnichannel Experience
  • Product Info Management
  • CMS Integration
  • Partner Strategy


  • Customer Engagement
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Technology