The Decoding 2.0 Study

Decoding 2.0 solidifies the need for a shift in thinking when selecting and marketing sport and lifestyle sponsorships.

This unique study arms brand marketers with the quantitative data they need to specifically target those consumers most open to brand messaging in sponsorship as well as provides a specific roadmap that identifies those tactics likely to produce the most receptive fans. Until now, the sponsorship industry has focused more on fan passion and avidity to identify sponsorships and develop activation strategies; Decoding 2.0 reveals the need to also understand the importance of fan receptivity.

In this new study, we further confirmed and expanded upon the definitions of the three distinct fan groups we call Receptives, Selectives and Non-Receptives. These fan definitions can be found in the below Receptivity Glossary. Most importantly for marketers, Decoding 2.0 provides insight into how to convert the most Selective of consumers to a receptive mindset.

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