Beyond The Brand: Why Business Decision Makers Buy Into Strong Cultures

There is nothing harder than culture building because it needs to be authentic and it needs to be focused.

There is nothing more powerful than the culture of a business for establishing an emotional connection with the customer. It is more powerful than a reputation for dominance and innovation, and it is more powerful than the allure of short-term financial gain. These are the most telling facts that we discovered when reaching out to more than 500 top decision-makers.

Too often company culture is discussed but not properly nurtured and elevated. Why? Because creating a successful culture is one of the most difficult tasks a company can undertake. However, frequently the solution is closer than it might seem—as this report reveals.

In the age of transparency, where anyone can find out anything about any company, it’s up to businesses to safeguard their cultures. It’s not easy

Authenticity can be achieved by getting back to the foundations, by rebuilding from the purity of the idea that started it all.

It’s worth it. People vastly underestimate the external value of culture. They tend to focus on the internal benefits—the ability to keep people and improve performance. But culture has huge external benefits. So much so, that the vast majority of respondents in this survey say that culture is the key factor not only in deciding whom to do business with, but also how long the relationship will last.

As builders of cultures, our own included, we know that businesses that apply an inside-out approach are the businesses that are winning. This report offers tangible evidence and proof of this fact. Enjoy.

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